Billingham f/Stop 2.8 camera bag

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Billingham f/Stop 2.8 camera bag

The new fStop range embodies that unique Billingham combination of tradition and innovation. Designed for those times when you want to travel light, but still providing the high level of protection, style and craftsmanship you expect from us. Although theyre relatively compact they can be easily adapted  inside and out, to suit your specific needs. These surprisingly spacious bags are ideally suited for modern digital or film equipment, from compacts to SLRs  even with lenses attached.

Compact & Flexible

The first thing youll notice about both fStop models is their distinctive squared-off look which is created by the insertion of a pleat on either side of the main flap. Look inside and youll find a secondary, padded lid thats tailored to keep the elements out.

Weve purposely kept things simple and flexible inside and out which also offers you the opportunity to custom fit your fStop to fit your changing needs from assignment to assignment. So, in addition to customising the interior layout, weve given you the option of extending the capacity of the bag by using the external AVEA Pockets, which attach securely to the sides of the bag via the solid leather straps, which also serve as the mounting points for the shoulder sling.

Should you need to carry a tripod, you can attach one by threading straps through the two sets of D holes located under the main stud fasteners. Even with the AVEA Pockets attached, the fStop will still fit into an overhead locker on board an aircraft.

The Range & Accessories

The fStop comes in two sizes: the f2.8 and in keeping with lens f/Stop convention - the wider f1.4. Both are available in Black FibreNyte with black leather edging and nickel fittings or our most recent combination: Khaki FibreNyte with chocolate leather edging and solid brass.

Naturally, the fStops provide the same high levels of protection as our other products courtesy of a 25mm thick reinforced foam base and wrap-around side padding.

1 The same flared-end leather closure tabs as fitted to their bigger cousins, the 07 Series bags provide better grip when working in difficult conditions. The straps keyhole slots make for fast, easy opening whilst providing secure and positive closure.

2 The Front Dump Pocket is a full-width place to store just about anything from essential small stuff like memory cards, tickets, passes or leads to larger things like manuals or maps. Simply flip down the main flap and its contents are protected from the elements. Youll find a second, full-width Dump Pocket inside the bag, at the rear of the main compartment.

3 The full-width, rear zippered pocket continues to be as popular and useful as ever, so weve included one in the fStop. The rear of the main flap covers the heavy duty zip, so the pockets contents are shielded, even if you forget to close the zip.

4 Wide Velcro bands running the length of the bag allow you to adjust the position of padded internal dividers to suit your exact requirements for example, to support a camera with lens attached with the help of a new product: the DF Insert or Bridge. Alternatively, you can remove the dividers completely to leave a totally unobstructed space.

Our Label, Your Security

The 07 series bags saw the introduction of our new security labels, which as you might expect are as innovative as all of our products. In addition to the signature of our founder, the label contains a micro-laser engraved Mylar® security strip which is your proof that the bag youre buying is a genuine Billingham product. Thats not all - a unique barcode also tells us everything we need to know about your particular bag, from the history of every single component that went into it, to the names of the craftsmen who put it together. Our label, your security The result is that any we are able to audit our components and production techniques to ensure you enjoy the best in quality and durability.

Dimensions & Sizes

By virtue of their design and the materials used, Billingham bags have a very fluid nature and will accommodate a wide variety of photographic equipment. Here is a guide to the comparative sizes of the individual models in the fStop range. We have included approximate dimensions here which are based on the original patterns used in the manufacture of the bags.

Bag Dimensions (mm)

f2.8 f1.4

External f2.8 f1.4

Height 250 250

Width 300 350

Depth 170 170


A Height 180 180

B Width 260 320

C Depth 110 110

Pocket Dimensions (mm) f2.8 f1.4


D Height 170 170

E Width 240 300

F Depth 15 15


D Height 150 150

E Width 210 280

F Depth 0 0

Shoulder sling  both models (mm)

Min 830 830

Max 1420 1420

Weight (kgs) f2.8 f1.4

0.79 0.84

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