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  • Platypod Camera Supports

    November 2, 2017

    Platypod Camera Supports

    The Platypod Ultra is our latest design to make shooting great images or video easier for you. We listened to the suggestions of Platypod users to make the original design even sturdier and added more features that make the Ultra the most versatile tool in your gear bag. At roughly the size of a smartphone, our patented technology can hold up to 100 pounds.

  • What’s a Grey Import?! Things to be aware of…

    October 20, 2017

    What’s a Grey Import?! Things to be aware of…

    So, you’re thinking of buying some photographic equipment. From browsing online you’ve noticed a selection of similar items, but all at very different prices. What’s that all about?! Of course your natural instinct is to choose the cheapest price. The lens that’s £300 less than lots of other competitors?! You’ve grabbed yourself a bargain! Result! Or is it too good to be true…

  • Demo Cameras at Dale Photographic, Leeds

    October 20, 2017

    Demo Cameras at Dale Photographic, Leeds

    Its always good to get your mitts on something before you part with your hard earned cash! We have recently invested in quite a selection of goodies that you can come in-store and play with today. You can compare Canon's to Nikon's, Leica's to Hasselblad's and FujiFim.... to more Fujifilm cameras

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  • Delivery

    It's always been more difficult to deliver to home addresses than business premises. That's why we've developed a unique interactive service that advises your customers when their packages will arrive with a one hour delivery window, along with the ability to track their delivery on a real-time map.

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Dale Photographic

Established in 1984, Dale Photographic Services began 'Same Day' colour processing and selling photographic equipment.

Dale Photographic Ltd is family owned and run by Allan, Stephen and Paul Ridsdale. We pride ourselves on our specialist knowledge and customer service that a small family run business can provide.