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  • Lee Filters

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    About Lee

    Dale Photographic are proud to have worked with Lee Filters since the days of film. Moving into the digital age, popularity of the product has only grown. Both neutral density and graduated neutral density filter options, make the brand the go to choice for landscape photographers and cinematographers. Options such as the Lee Big Stopper providing a 10 stop reduction in exposure, and wide angle SW150 are market leading. Lee Filters are Handmade in the UK in Hampshire.

    About Filter Systems

    Filter systems such as the Lee Seven5, 100mm and SW150 allow photographers to alter the level of light entering the front element of the camera. This gives the photographer more scope to alter exposure, shutter speed etc to get the desired image or effect.

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  • Benro Filters

    Best known for our award-winning photo and video tripods, we are very proud to introduce Benro Filters. Made to the same exacting standards with the same dedication, experience, expertise and attention to detail that has made Benro a global brand, our filter systems set a new benchmark for quality, design and functionality for photographers the world over. Focusing on 100mm, 150mm and 170mm square filters – with glass and resin filter options – Benro Filters can help take your photography to the next level.

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