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  • Commission Sales

    Commission Sales

    Sell your un-wanted photographic equipment through our Commission service. We have sold over 7000 items on Commission for customers from the UK and Europe. It is our most popular service and most of the Used Equipment listed on our website are sold on a commission basis. We are always open to selling a wide range of high quality photographic equipment so feel free to email us with a list for valuation.

    Send your list for valuation to:

    Why Commission sale?

    • You receive a thorough and well educated evaluation based on value and condition
    • An agreed selling price between us and yourself based on our evaluation
    • Wide spread advertisement through our Website, In-store, Photographic magazines and Social media
    • Use of a trusted and well respected retailer Established in 1985
    • 80% of the total selling price after our 20% service charge. Or 15% if the whole balence is used in store
    • Payment 1 month after the selling date giving the buyer a 1 month guarantee and peace of mind 

  • Part Exchange


    We accept quality digital photographic equipment in part exchange.

    We are more than happy to accept certain items for Part-Exchange, depending on the item and condition. 

    *Please check our current Part Exchange bonus schemes from Nikon, Canon and Fuji (subject to terms and conditions).