Lee Filters 72mm Wide Angle Adapter Ring for 100mm system

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Adaptor rings fit into the lens to accommodate the filter holder. Once the adaptor is in place the filter holder clips firmly to it using a smooth, quick-release, spring loaded mechanism. Sturdily constructed with an aluminium screw thread, the adaptors are available in both standard and wide-angle configurations. Special sizes can be made to order.

Standard or Wide Angle?

Standard adapter rings are for all focal lengths equivalent to 35mm* or longer.

Wide angle adapter rings should be used on all focal length equivalent to 35mm* or wider.

Using the standard adaptor ring on wide angle lenses can cause vignetting and cut off in the image. This is due to the adaptor ring being within the frame. 

The wide angle adaptors are specially made with a thinner profile and recessed screw thread to prevent this. Wide angle adaptors should be used on all wide angle lenses.

If in doubt the wide angle adaptors will work on all focal lengths

*Equivalent to a 35mm on a 35mm sensor, for conversions or any questions please contact us
EAN 5055782203441
Brand Lee Filters
System 100mm
Category Filters
Size 72mm
availability available for order
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