LEICA GEOVID HD-B 8x42 Binoculars

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For 20 years now, Leica has enjoyed the reputation of being the pioneer and market leader in

the field of laser rangefinding. The Leica Geovid (1992) was the worlds first pair of binoculars

with an integrated rangefinder. This was followed in 2004 and 2005 by the Geovid BRF

models that are still today amongst the smallest and handiest binocular rangefinders in their

class. The Leica Geovid HD models with fluoride glasses added yet another innovation in

2009. And today, the Leica Geovid 8 x 42 HD-B and Leica Geovid 10 x 42 HD-B models once

again set benchmark standards.

The high-precision ABCballistics programme of the Leica Geovid HD-B binoculars enables

the precise determination of the point-of-aim correction and displays user-specific results

within fractions of a second. When matched to their own particular hunting equipment, users

have a choice of three different ballistic applications and can output the results determined

in the format relevant to their needs. Temperature, barometric pressure, and angle of

declination parameters are factored into the calculation for all computing options. For

hunters who use a classic reticle, the Leica Geovid HD-B binoculars will display not only the

measured distance, but also the required elevation adjustment in centimetres or inches.

When using a ballistic reticle, information is provided for another important factor in hunting

the equivalent level terrain distance. Hunters who apply their point-of-impact correction in

clicks with their fast reticle adjustment can also display the number of clicks required. In this

way, the Geovid HD-B models adapt to each hunters individual style and provide optimum

results in every situation, quite independent of the equipment used.

A significant innovation in the design of the Geovid HD-B models is an integrated micro-SD

memory card slot. This enables ballistic parameters like the calibre, zero range, charge to be

entered online and downloaded to the SD card for importing to the Geovid HD-B. Distance

measurement can be activated immediately after importing the data without any further

processing steps. This is the first time there has been such a complete interaction of

binoculars and weapon that guarantees hunters maximum precision and the essential safety

required for ethical hunting.

The innovative design of the Geovid HD-B models also sets new standards in terms of

ergonomics and handling. Thanks to their new open ergonomic bridge construction and the

curved form of their tubes, these binoculars offer perfect grip and holding characteristics.

This combined with the ideal weight distribution and balance of their magnesium bodies,

guarantees fatigue-free and comfortable handling, even when used for longer periods. The

controls (two-button control) are ergonomically located and ideally positioned for both leftand

right-handed users.

The Leica Geovid HD-B 42 binoculars enable the ultimate in optical performance in every

viewing situation. Their high contrast and edge-to-edge image sharpness ensure identification

of even the smallest details. The use of innovative concepts like High Definition (HD) optics

the use of fluoride glasses in their construction guarantees a viewing image with particularly

high contrast. The binoculars have complete freedom from colour fringing and edge-to-edge

brilliance and sharpness, even in the twilight hours and when visibility is poor. The brightness

of the LED display adjusts automatically to ambient lighting conditions and shows the

determined values with optimum brightness and clarity under any conditions.

The Leica AquaDuracoating on the exposed glass surfaces means dirt and water on the

lenses just roll away and improves viewing performance, particularly in rainy weather.

Therefore, these binoculars will always provide optimum performance, even in adverse

weather conditions and extremely humid environments. A further advantage of this special

coating is that the lenses can now be cleaned even more quickly and easily.

The new Geovid HD-B 42 binoculars deliver dependable measuring results at a range now

extended to around 1,800 metres (1,825 m/2,000 yds) and open up entirely new fields of

use for orientation in unfamiliar terrain.

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