5 Minutes with the Fuji X-Pro 2

5 Minutes with the Fuji X-Pro 2

So Mr Fuji popped in to the shop last week and brought with him a late pre-production model of the X-Pro2!

We only managed to get 5 minutes with it in the shop, so obviously our opinions are just first impressions.


Lets be totally honest, the first X-Pro was good, although a touch clunky. The hybrid VF was a great addition, but the technology has come on so much recently.


First Impressions

From the moment we got a hold of the X-Pro2, everything just seemed to come together. It had the usability of the X-T1 with the amazing VF of the X100T. Just to look through the Optical Viewfinder was a delight. The focusing was blisteringly fast. We only had the chance to try this on still objects so cannot comment on how it handles moving subjects.

The ISO dial was a bit of a blast from the past! Nestled within the shutter speed dial, it's a nice touch!

Some people like the Fuji X-Series for the "retro" look and feel, and we cannot deny that we've always found this appealing. But we love it for so much more than that. For us, it's the simplicity. The shutter speed, aperture and ISO are just there. No menus. The features you need, just where you need them, and reliably good pictures each time you press the shutter!


In the short time that we had, we didn't manage to get any pictures worth sharing... (this was before our big shop refurbishment!) but the pictures of our camera bag display were stunning...!

All jokes aside, the lighting in our shop isn't the best, but the X-Pro 2 handled it with no issue, with higher ISO's working fine. Fuji's are famous for their colour replication and authenticity, and this camera did not disappoint!

24Megapixels... doesn't really mean anything now-a-days, its more than enough.

Did we enjoy using the camera?!

Yes. It is such a photographers camera. By that we mean that all the buttons are in the right place. There is no 'fluff' and no unnecessary buttons all over the place. It's simple to use and to just take pictures with. There are features abound if you want to delve into the menus, but for us at Dales, we think we'll leave the menus well alone!

Would any of the team at Dales buy One?!

Absolutely! (We promise this isn't a sales technique!)

We are also looking to organise an in-store Fuji day, where you can get your hands on all the cameras and lenses. You will get to play with the new cameras, see how they work and ask the experts any burning questions. This will be open to everyone - Fuji and non-Fuji users alike!


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