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Canon LC-5 Wireless Controller

If you want to trigger your camera, but cant or don't actually wish to be next to it, then the... Read Full Description


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If you want to trigger your camera, but cant or don't actually wish to be next to it, then the Canon LC-5 Wireless Controller is the perfect answer for shooting remotely.

Who is it for?

Used for remote photography mainly by wildlife and sports photographers, the LC-5 allows you to trigger the camera from up to 100m away using an infrared beam.

Key features


Up to 100m range

Four modes

Being infrared the LC-5 unit requires a line-of-sight communication between the handheld transmitter and the remote receiver mounted on the camera - to make this easier the receiver unit is fitted with a rotating base so that you can point it back towards your position.

For sports photographers, the LC-5 can put you in places you couldnt otherwise get to behind the goal at Wembley Stadium or above the boxing ring in Madison Square Garden.

For wildlife photographers, its less about where you cant go, and more about where youd rather not be at the feet of an elephant at a watering hole, or at a favourite feeding spot for a lion. It enables intimate photography of difficult subjects from an unmanned, but not unattended camera.

As long as you can see the camera and are no more than 100m away, you can trigger the camera and capture images youd otherwise be unable to achieve.

The unit offers four modes:

Single Shot this mode captures an image when the shutter release is pressed.

Continuous mode this mode signals the receiver to keep firing the camera continuously until the transmitter button is released or the camera runs out of buffer memory or memory card capacity.

Test mode this mode lights a red LED on the receiver to confirm the unit is working correctly.

Delay mode this mode captures an image approx 3.5secs after the shutter button is pressed.

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