Our Grey Import Statement


We only sell UK Stock! All our stock is supplied by official UK importers. 

At Dale Photographic, customer satisfaction is our most important value. We do our absolute best to bring you the best deals and prices. Sometimes our customers ask us to match prices they have found online that seem like incredibly good deals. However, if a price of a product is significantly lower than our prices (or any of the other leading retailers), the product is most likely a Grey Import.

There are a number of risks and complications that come with buying a Grey Import, such as:

* A Grey Import is a product sourced from outside of the UK. Grey Importers will not include the valuable addition of a UK Warranty that adds peace of mind, particularly when purchasing expensive products. So, if there is a fault with the product it will most likely be rejected by the manufacturer for repair under warranty. Some manufacturers offer additional years of warranty in the UK, and a Grey Import would not qualify for this.

* Grey Importers may not include VAT in the total price, which means that if the goods get lost during transportation, it is the customers responsibility to deal with the issue. The retailer will not show any further interest in solving any problems you may have after payment has been made. You may also need to pay import duty and VAT, not to mention separate Post Office fees, making that once ‘incredible price’ not so incredible after all.

* Grey Importers may sometimes remove additional accessories, in order to sell them as separate extras that should originally be included with the product. Accessories such as lens hoods, caps, chargers and cords, which are included when bought from an authorised dealer.

* Grey Importers often remove products from their original protective packaging, and store them in damp, humid conditions that encourage fungal growth within the optics. This seriously affects the efficiency and life span of the product.

* Some Grey Importers that operate within the UK, but source their products from outside of the UK may advertise on their site that they are a ‘UK Based Company’. However be weary of this, as they rarely also advertise that they sell ‘UK Stock’.

* You cannot claim any promotional cash back on a Grey Import product.

* Grey Importers also offer no additional service that an authorised dealer takes pride in offering. They cannot offer demonstrations, knowledgeable advice or aftercare of  any kind. Grey Importers have a huge impact on our company, even though we take pride in our excellent customer service and care.

When you buy from Dale Photographic, you will always receive first class service.

  • * We only sell UK Stock and you will always get the full UK Manufacturer’s Warranty.

  • * We are authorised dealers with every manufacturer we trade with.

  • * Customer Service is of top priority to us.

  • * We provide demonstrations of products, expert advice and the upmost customer care, both prior to and after purchase.

  • * If there is ever an issue, we will handle returns to manufacturer’s on behalf of our customers.

  • * You can call us with any query, Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:00pm and on Saturdays 9:30am-4:00pm. You can also visit our showroom in Leeds and purchase in store.

All our New equipment is bought from the official UK importers and is UK STOCK and NOT Grey import.

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