We accept quality digital photographic equipment in part exchange.

We are more than happy to accept certain items for Part-Exchange, depending on the item and condition. 

*Please check our current Part Exchange bonus schemes from Nikon, Canon and Fuji (subject to terms and conditions).

Commission Sales

Sell your un-wanted photographic equipment through Commission Sale! We are always looking for high quality photographic equipment of any kind to sell on commission, many of the used items on our site and in-store are sold on Commission, we have sold over 6000 items sent all over the world. Dealers will often offer low values for your equipment in part exchange but Commission Sale gives you the best return, the selling price is agreed with you and you are paid out after it has sold. Our charge is 25% of the selling price and we pay you 30 days from the dales date after the customer's warranty period has lapsed. Fill out our online form, call us or see us in-store for a quote!

Terms and Conditions:

Items will be sold with a 25% commission charge unless otherwise stated. Items below £100 will be sold in-store only and not advertised online. Selling prices may be subject to change with discussion with the owner. The owner is paid out 30 days from the date of sale after the customer's warranty period has lapsed. The equipment can be withdrawn from this service before sale by either party. *

Contact us or visit us in-store for a quote or more information:

Phone: 0113 2454256


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