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Please note that all valuations are dependant on physical inspection of your goods by ourselves in store. Goods can be refused if deemed ineligible for sale. All trades of your goods are final. 

Commission sale items are charged 25% commission deducted from the selling price unless otherwise stated. A reduction of this charge to 20% may be offered to the customer if the total balance is used in-store. Items below £100 may be sold in-store only and may not be advertised online. Items may be subject to additional inspections. Any necessary repair or servicing charges will be deducted from the total due or paid in full before the item is returned. Selling prices may be subject to change with discussion with the owner. The owner is paid out 30 days from the date of sale after the customer's warranty period has lapsed. The equipment can be withdrawn from this service before the sale by either party. 

Please read all of the information you have provided thoroughly and note any discrepancies as soon as possible.

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