Leica Workshop on Tuesday the 12th of March - 10-30 am

Leica are kindly  joining  us on Tuesday the 12th of March and are conducting two workshops.... Read Full Description


£ 10.00

Leica are kindly joining us on Tuesday the 12th of March and are conducting two workshops. 

In the workshops you will have an introduction to the equipment and have the opportunity to take a variety of cameras and lenses out in to Leeds City on a walk around with Robin Sinha.

You get to try the equipment ‘out in the field’ and get a real sense of the quality of Leica Cameras.

If you already use Leica and want to try some of their new cameras or even if you are totally new to them as a brand, every one is welcome! 

But there are only limited spaces available. With limited spaces it means that Robin will be able to spend more time with everyone and really help were needed.

There are two workshops, one in the morning - 10:30 till 1 - and one in the afternoon - 2 till 4:30. Cost of attending the workshop is £10 but this will be refunded in the form of a voucher to spend in the shop when you arrive.


If you are looking for the 2PM workshop CLICK HERE

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