Lee Filters 3.0ND ProGlass IRND 100mm System 10 Stop filter

Lee Filters 3.0ND ProGlass IRND (10 stop) 100mm System Two years in the making, the ProGlass... Read Full Description


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Lee Filters 3.0ND ProGlass IRND (10 stop) 100mm System

  • Two years in the making, the ProGlass IRND range sets a whole new standard in high quality glass neutral density filters. Manufactured from 2mm thick optically flat glass, ProGlass IRND filters are remarkably neutral, with virtually no colour shift and extremely accurate stop values
  • When shooting digitally, light at the infrared and ultraviolet ends of the spectrum can be problematic. The ProGlass IRND range of filters has been designed with this in mind, and are optimised for use with digital cameras, as they absorb more infrared and ultraviolet light than traditional ND filters. The result is a clean, punchier image, with no colour cast
  • High quality 10 stop neutral density standard glass filter. Reduces the exposure equally across the frame and blocks both infrared and ultraviolet pollution, ensuring colours are crisp, punchy and vibrant. Features a light-tight foam seal.
  • Manufactured from 2mm-thick, optically flat glass. ProGlass IRND filters not only prevent focus shift, they are also durable and long lasting.
  • The ProGlass IRND range was initially designed for the movie industry, to meet the exacting requirements of leading cinematographers. The Cine version of the filters has been quickly adopted for use on major feature films and TV dramas, and they are widely acknowledged as the highest-quality neutral density filters available today. This same quality is now available for photographers.

View the full range and specs on the Lee website:                    ProGlass IRND

Exposure Guide and Timer

Lee have produced a new app to accompany the ProGlass IRND range, making it easy to calculate the precise exposure when using any of the filters.

Also includes a countdown timer that's particularly handy for long and ultra-long exposures.

Free download for iPhone/iPad and Android

Brand Lee Filters
System 100mm
Category Filters
Filter Neutral Density
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